South East Trauma Informed Care Collective held their launch in Kilkenny on 2nd May

Exciting news! Members of the South East Trauma Informed Care Collective (SETICC) and guest speaker Jim Walsh from the Department of Health at a seminar to launch a roadmap for the implementation of Trauma Informed Care across substance misuse and homelessness services in the Southeast. The launch seminar, held in Kilkenny on Thursday, May 2nd, was attended by 120 delegates from a variety of services across the five counties of the Southeast.

The participants, including statutory, voluntary, community, and family support, along with those with lived experience, have resolved to work towards ensuring that all services become truly Coproduced and Trauma Informed. This is a major step forward in helping those who need it most and creating a more inclusive and supportive community.

Congratulations to all involved in this important initiative! Let’s continue to work together towards a more Trauma Informed and Coproduced future.