The check in is a great way to start your day in a safe place by discussing your daily goals, connecting with yourself and others, identifying challenges and ways to overcome them. This group helps to establish a daily routine and place of support whether you are trying to reduce your substance use, are waiting for residential treatment, receiving support in your community or needing support with your emotional wellbeing. This group helps to develop mutual support and connection with people with shared experience.

Times: Monday – Friday 9:30am

The evening reflection helps us to review our day, to notice our challenges, achievements and goals. Through hearing others share their day we give and receive peer support. This group is where we discover the language and skills of recovery and community, helping us to shape our own recovery and share the wisdom that comes from it. Reflection helps us to recognise areas of need and opportunity. As themes naturally emerge, we use the wisdom of experience to explore topics and develop resources.

Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 7pm

The new members group is for anyone who has recently joined Better Together or has yet to connect on to a group. It is also helpful for members who are looking to reconnect with our supports after a time away. This is a space to get to know other new members and a gentle way to start conencting with the Better Together community.

Times: Wednesday Fortnightly 6pm

The creative H.E.A.R.T means healing, empowerment, acceptance, recovery and trust. This group is a space to explore the value of creative expression as part of our recovery. No experience or special interest is needed as we focus on the process. We explore different types of creative outlets as alternative ways to understand and express ourselves, and our recovery process. This group also offers guided meditations and brings the intention of mindfulness to all activities.

Times: Monday 7pm

Feel Good Friday is a fun Friday night group where we explore music as a means of social connection and mutual understanding. Members share music that has meaning to them in a light-hearted atmosphere guided by weekly themes. This is where we remember to prioritise humour and joy in recovery.

Times: Friday 7pm

The anxiety support group is based on skill sharing, recovery education and mutual support. Togther we share techniques, prepare for potential stressful events, and reflect on insights gained from overcoming our anxieties through skill practice.

Times: Wednesday 7pm

We hold a monthly members forum where we can check in with ourselves as a community and consider how we are doing and what we are moving toward. We work co-productively meaning all our decisions are made together, and every members input is valued. During times of change and growth we may hold these meetings more frequently in order to keep everyone informed. Members can also call a meeting when needed as choice is important to us.

Times: Thursday (monthly/as needed) 7pm