Our Purpose

Our Purpose

  • To develop and implement the Strategic Objectives of the Regional Drug Strategy in line with the National Drug Strategy [P21]
  • To work in equal partnership with persons with lived experience, Families /Carers, Voluntary and Statutory Agencies in the delivery of the Strategic Objective Actions [P21]
  • To build commitment across all key partners and stake holders to making a difference on the impact of substance misuse in the South East Region [P21]
  • To provide a platform for greater information and perspective sharing , identifying emerging and underlying needs to inform services , policy and planning both Regionally and Nationally [P21]
  • To provide updates, reports and barriers to action implementation at SERDATF Meetings [P22]
  • To be responsible for oversight , monitoring and evaluation of agreed SERDATF Subgroup Actions and Activities [P22]
  • To make applications for, and manage agreed budgets to undertake activities [P23]

We do this by;

Commitment and Leadership

  • People feel valued and their input is listened to
  • That there is shared understanding of what the SERDATF is trying to achieve both as organisations , representatives and individuals
  • Adequate time and resource is given to co-production

Contact and Connection

  • Reaching people with direct experience
  • Meetings are accessible to people and at an appropriate time to facilitate participation
  • Being clear that the contact and connecting is to people with lived experience and why

Shared Purpose and Perspective

  • Understanding that without peoples lived experience we are only making assumptions
  • Developing a shared perspective from listening to each other
  • Negotiating and agreeing  on priority actions

Building Knowledge

  • People feel confident and competent to share on a level playing field
  • People should know what is open to change and what is not so that involvement is realistic
  • To encourage people to share their own experiences without judgement
  • People will have the knowledge to understand their own lived experience within the bigger picture

Co-production in Action

  • Develop reciprocal relationship between lived experience and organisations
  • Make sure the Co-production is working for people
  • Having positive expectations about what can be achieved

Review our Impact

  • People hear directly from the organisations on what has happened on the issues they have contributed to
  • Celebrate success and progress
  • To ensure the SERDATF work is transparent
  • Keep partners engaged and committed

National Drugs Strategy

Ireland’s “Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery” strategy sets out the Government’s response to addressing the harm caused by substance misuse in our society over the next eight years.

It identifies a set of key actions to be delivered between 2017 and 2020, and provides an opportunity for the development of further actions from 2021 to 2024 to address needs that may emerge later on in the lifetime of the strategy.

Learn more: Reducing Harm, Supporting Recovery 2017-2025

SERDATF Strategy

SERDATF Challenge and Change: Tackling Substance Misuse in the South East Region, Reducing Substance Misuse Strategy 2020-2023

Our Vision is to reduce the impact of substance misuse on individuals, their families and our communities through a range of integrated effective interventions that help people make a difference for the better in their lives. We believe that the SERDATF should contribute to creating:

  • A safe and healthy community
  • Support services that treat people with dignity and respect
  • An effective partnership approach to tackling substance misuse

Our Vision is to support a collaborative approach to transform the way drug and alcohol services in the South East develop, manage, implement and evaluate the most up to date, safe and effective interventions for people experiencing substance misuse issues.

Our strategy aims to implement the goals of the National Drug Strategy (NDS) “Reducing harm, Supporting Recovery 2017-2025” by specific, measurable objectives over the three- year period 2020-2023. The strategy will also target the specific actions of the Drug and Alcohol Task Force as outlined in the NDS.

Learn more: Reducing Substance Misuse Strategy 2020-2023